iPhone Frenzy

I have been reading a lot about the iPhone.  My wife has it, all of my friends have it, people I don’t know have it.  I must be missing something!  If the world came to an end tomorrow, I think people would be thinking of ways to protect their iPhone.  Courtney has already bought 3 or 4 different colored phone covers to match her purses.

Why is this phone so amazing?  Why should I switch to iPhone and not continue to use my droid phone?  I already have my itunes playlist on my droid, I can stream wireless internet for my computer, I have flash player, plenty of cool apps.  I need some good reasons to switch besides it looks awesome!  I’ll admit, I do love Apple’s products (macbook, imac, ipad) but I need a solid reason to get the phone too.  Im afraid that if I get the iPhone I won’t ever switch back to the Android platform again.

iPhone 5.  If you can give me enough reasons to want you I’ll make the switch.  By the way, any information about new features or the release of iPhone 5?

iPhone users, convince me!


One thought on “iPhone Frenzy

  1. 1) Droid has flash
    2) Droid can turn off access to your location so third party apps don’t know where you are spending
    3) Droid has world phones
    4) Droid has Microsoft Exchange full sync ability and remote desk top access
    5) Droid has the best cellular network access with Verizon
    6) Droid has released the first dual core processor phones on 4G and will next month on 4G LTE

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